Reveal Your Small Penis HumiliationI think all guys are curious to know how they measure up against their peers.  Interestingly, size comparisons always seem to start in the gym locker room.

Fortunately, your wife has discovered your hidden stash of small penis humiliation stories and pictures and you’ve been both busted and confronted by her.  Face it…you have no choice but to admit your guilt and penile fascination.  Having her outing you in front of her girlfriends is a real turn on for you.  It’s quite understandable.  When a woman finds herself in a small penis relationship her power and influence over the submissive male rises exponentially.

As the weak male’s embarrassing secret is revealed and gossiped about an inevitably growing group of men and women will enjoy laughing at him.  The sensual humiliation that occurs in small penis humiliation makes the pleasure of teasing you that much more fun.

Let your small penis humiliation begin

I know you think this is sexy.  Why don’t you go ahead and stand up in front of everyone and put on a little show?  No need to be afraid…slowly unbutton, then unzip your pants and let them drop to your ankles.

You’re stalling!  The audience is waiting in breathless anticipation to see how small you are.

Giving them a tease is what you enjoy so let the small penis humiliation begin?  Soon after flashing the full monty heads will turn…and echoes of: “It looks so small!” will be heard throughout the arena. “That is so funny…your little dicky is so cute!” the woman in red yells out.  You gotta admit it…all this attention is getting you pretty hard.

It’s Time To Jerk Your Little Dicky

Looks like you’re going to have to rub it, pinch it and pull it because it’s probably hiding like a frightened turtle.  At this point you will practically do anything to make it bigger, right?  Did you really think they would be that impressed with your Vienna sausage?

Okay, it’s time to jerk your little pee pee.  Good…just like that, now with a tighter grip and beat it off faster.  I want your orgasm to build and build.  Pick up the pace.  Tickle your balls along the way to help increase the pleasure you feel.

By now you are so ready to beg for a relief of your small penis.  Go ahead, don’t be shy, and let your Tiny Tim shoot some cream for Mistress Cindy and all her guests.

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