Is your cock a bad joke and you’re lacking as a man? Then your failure of a man deserves to be humiliated. You deserve small penis humiliation. I know you’re willing to do anything to make up for your shortcomings. I’m sure. This is why you promise you’ll do anything, right?

I’m thinking about a chastity device for you. You will have to buy the chastity device and give up the key. As you are not permitted an orgasm. And you will accept discipline and punishment as natural. Understood. The only sex organ your allowed to use is your tongue.

Cuckolding you is probably the toughest part of your new life. I know. But don’t worry, sometimes I will laugh and ask you how does it feel to know that my sex life is exciting, fulfilling, and very active, while yours is dependent on your Mistress? Due to your small penis.

Disappointing Small Penis Pleasure

The lack of pleasure in sex with you I’m sure is very disappointing. And that your cock is so tiny that it could never bring a woman to orgasm. Now you can understand why size does matter. You are so ashamed of your tiny penis aren’t you? As a man with a small penis you should already know your place.

You are to unhesitatingly comply with the wishes of your Mistress. And enjoy small penis humiliation phone sex. You simply can not satisfy the sexual desires of a woman. Just accept it. And remember Dominance is core to my nature. This is why you would make a perfect male sub. It’s time you confess the most intimate details of your small penis, lack there of, sex life.

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