I have what is called sometimes an evil wicked laugh and I also have a loud boisterous laugh one that makes men feel embarrassed and humiliated because they know I am not laughing with them I am laughing at them! Below are some reasons I like to laugh and humiliate a man! Do you find humiliating laughter a turn on? I hope so!

You have a shrimp dick

Oh you’re blushing right now because being called shrimp dick makes you stiff…..I will point at it and laugh at you till I see the tears well up in your eyes! I will have fun laughing at your weak little penis all mighty 2.5 inches of it straining against your pants…what’s that a pimple or a penis? hahahahahahaha

You are a girlie man

You know you are the man who acts all manly or well TRIES to act manly but what you really are is a pussy…in fact you are such a pussy I will slap some girlie panties on your fairy ass and make fun at just how much of a man YOU are NOT! hahahahahahahaha

You are a whiner

Yes, you pathetic little puppet. You whine in that whiney wimpy voice….I can’t stand to hear you whine “oh Mistress do I have tooo?” Yes, you silly stupid bitch, you have to now stop whining and get your ass up in the air for me to paddle! The whimpers and whines make me laugh harder and you struggle with the sting of my paddle. Whiners are all around not just the ones who get spanked but the ones who whine about everything. Fair warning wimpy little whiner. You whine to me and I will humiliate you and laugh my ass off right in your face!

Can you handle the humiliating laughter?

Are you looking to be humiliated and laughed at? Can you handle the laughter? I suppose we will find out when you call me bitch! hahahahahahaa

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