Hello to all you darling little humiliation junkies out there. I know you guys love to be belittled, laughed at, and degraded, and that’s what I’d like to talk to you about today. There are so many ways a Femdom Mistress like me can humiliate you, and I would like to explore some of those methods with you.

Chastity Humiliation

A very timely topic for Denied December is actually male chastity humiliation. As you have probably already guessed–or may know from bitter experience–just being locked in chastity is, in and of itself, rather humiliating. It’s a sign that no woman would ever want to fuck you. Why would she lock your cock up if she was interested in you sexually, right?

So being locked into chastity is a sign that your lady doesn’t want to fuck you and also doesn’t want you trying to fool other ladies into fucking you, either. Most women can smell a beta with a small cock from a mile away, but if by some miracle you managed to get a woman naked, she’d know the instant she saw that cage that you would only disappoint her. And your lady is simply trying to save other ladies the trouble!

But aside from it being a comment on your (lack of) fuckability, is there anything else about chastity from which you can derive some humiliation? Of course, there is! Let’s talk about cage size, for instance. With the exception of guys who are chronic masturbators who need to be locked up for re-education purposes, it’s usually safe to assume that anyone locked in chastity has a small penis. It probably wouldn’t be locked up if it were a decent size, now would it?

Chastity Is Its Own Version Of SPH

But for chastity purposes, this is technically okay because cock cages come in all sizes, from small to teeny-weeny. However…the smaller your cage is, the more you should be embarrassed by it. In this way, chastity creates its own version of small penis humiliation. If you wear a tiny cage, you’re not just small compared to regular guys. You’re also small compared to chastity guys, who are also quite small. So you’re the lowest of the low in a sense. How does that make you feel?

I’m sure it’s rather humiliating for you. It’s bad enough to be considered small among the general population. It’s even worse to be considered small among the smallest. Maybe you need a crown to wear, as the King of Small Penises…although I suppose your chastity device would pretty much serve the same purpose, right?

Yes, an overly small chastity device is very humiliating for you micropenis-havers out there. I wonder if it’s possible to have a cock so small that even the smallest of cages is too big. And if so, I wonder what that’s like. I could never relate to something like that because, even though I’m a woman, if I had a penis, it’d be huge, naturally. So it’s not something I could really understand on a deep and personal level, but it is something I’m curious about.

So what about you? What size is your chastity device? Is it considered big (for a chastity device), or is it a smaller-sized one? If you’ve been in chastity for any length of time, have you noticed your penis shrinking? And are you a guy whose little micropenis doesn’t even fit in a cock cage? If so, how does that make you feel? I would love to hear the answers to these questions and many more, so give me a call or leave me a comment, guys.

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