You’ll be my stroking pet! Your masturbation humiliation starts here.

Isn’t Having To Jerk Off Humiliating Enough?

I know, jerking off is a natural thing. And for most men, it’s not humiliating, it’s just a way to “take the edge off.” Maybe they’re stressed, maybe they’re knocking one out before that first date so they won’t prematurely ejaculate. You though, you jerk off ALL THE TIME! Is it because you have a tiny pindick that women laugh at? Is it because you have to stroke your cock inside a pair of silky panties? Or maybe it’s just that you have no relationships outside of the one between you and your cock? That’s just sad…lol

Now You’ve Asked For Masturbatrix

It’s so bad, that you’ve totally lost control of your cock and you need a Masturbatrix like me to get it back into line. It’s not just enough that I tease you about your lack of control, and let you know just how nasty that is. Now, I have you naked and kneeling in front of me, following my commands on just what to do with that naughty dick. I’m sure that only adds to the humiliation, knowing that you need someone else to control your cock. Someone who won’t allow you to do the two things you’ve always been allowed to do. Stroke your cock…and cum.

Humiliating Orgasms and Masturbation Humiliation

The fact that I tease your cock and bring it to edge after edge, denying you that release must just make you feel so low. There are so many humiliating ways I could have you cum though. I could just deny you. Maybe I’ll let you stroke right up to the edge, and then take away your orgasm, ruin it. NO, I know a really nasty, naughty way to do it. I’ll make you flip your legs over your head, aim that cock right at your mouth and shoot off all over yourself! Then I’ll send you home as a cum covered slut!

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