CFNM Humiliation

I WILL Humiliate you!

I WILL Humiliate you!

One of the first things I do with any new submissive is get them naked.  There’s nothing to enforce their status as a submissive with no ability to control the situation than to have them strip naked.  It exposes them, and lets them know there is nothing they will be able to hide from me.  Meanwhile, I stand there before them in my clothes, keeping you curious.

Humiliating, isn’t it?

When you’re stripped bare, I can see everything.  I thought you told me your cock was big?  That looks like a very small nub – the size of the eraser on the top of a pencil!  Oh, you can’t lie to me now, pin dick!  See, naked men have their uses – I know exactly how little I have to work with.  Even as it gets hard, it looks like one of those stubby golf pencils.

You Can’t Hide What Gets You Horny

When you’re naked and exposed, all your humiliating secrets come out.  If you’re not turned on by the thought of sucking cock, why is your cock getting harder?  Oh, I mentioned turning you into my sissy bitch, putting you in panties and opening your ass with my strap-on, and it started dripping (better not put you in panties now, don’t want to make a wet spot on them!) – why would that be?  Oh, you can tell me these things don’t turn you on, but that hard cock doesn’t lie, now does it?

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