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Sex Therapy

I don’t think I could ever be a sex therapist.  I mean, mainly, it seems to me, it’s unsatisfied women bringing their men in because he doesn’t know how to please her.  And I’d have to agree.  Most of you couldn’t fuck your way out of a paper bag.  Your penises are too small, you don’t last more than one stroke before you’re shooting your load, you want her to suck cock…but you won’t.  If you do give her head, you just slobber and fumble around down there.  Then again, there could be a market for Humiliation Sex Therapy!

Critiquing Your Moves

I’d have you and your lady get busy, and then just walk around, making snide remarks.  “That’s all you’ve got down there?  Is she even going to feel it? Try some  foreplay first, you think she gets wet looking at your oversized clit?”  I could even get some impact play in.  I wonder if a nice, sharp smack across your ass would keep you from losing your load when you’re right at the edge.  Or maybe I could use it to motivate if…and that’s a big if…she starts yelling “Faster! Harder!”

My Ultimate Prescription

Of course, when it was all over, I’d have to review what just happened.  And witnessing what I just saw, I think I know just what your lady needs to feel satisfied – a big, hard cock.  And you obviously can’t supply it.  Maybe I’d take her with my strap-on, just to show her what she’s really missing.  Then of course, I’d have no choice.  I’d have to prescribe a Big Black Bull for her!

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