You will suck that cock for me, slut!

You Know You Want It

Don’t you want to be Ms. Christine’s cocksucking faggot? When you say you only want to to get down on your knees in front of me and suck on my big black dildo– well, I don’t believe you. I think you want a real, hard, throbbing cock to fill that mouth of yours. I know that a hard piece of cold plastic just isn’t enough for you, and Mistress always knows best – right?

Open That Slutty Mouth

I’ve got one of my lovers here – just for your enjoyment. Kneel in front of him, and run your hands up his tight muscled thighs, and over his thick, hard, throbbing prick. So much warmer than my dildo, maybe even…softer, despite how hard it is. Now, are you going to start licking and sucking? Or do you need a little help? If you just open that slut mouth, he’ll take care of the rest.

He’ll Use You

You’re just a wet sloppy hole. He’ll grab you by the hair, and slide his dick deep into your mouth. Cover those teeth with your lips as he gives you a thorough skull fucking. Is it humiliating? Knowing that all you are is a piece of meat for my lover? He slides deep in your mouth and down your throat, making you gag, tears coming to your eyes. Then, as you feel that cock swelling in your mouth, he pulls out and showers you with cum. Now everyone will know just what a cocksucking faggot you are!

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