I do love cocksuckers! lol…

Cocksucking Faggots

Ms. Christine gets all kinds of cocksuckers. Straight Guys Sucking Cock for the first time, self suckers who are working on their flexibility so they can at least get the head in their mouth, cuckold cocksuckers. But I have a special place in my heart for cocksucking faggots who are looking to be humiliated because of their fantasies!

Isn’t It Humiliating Enough?

Isn’t the idea of going down on another guy humiliating enough for you? He’s got a much larger cock – maybe even a BIG black cock. You want to serve it, and bring it pleasure. All the while, your small penis is rock hard – Wow! It’s a whole 3 inches there faggot! (can you hear the sarcasm?) – and dripping with pre-cum. You’d love to stroke it, wouldn’t you? But that cock you’re sucking is so big, so thick, you need both hands to properly get a grip.

You Need More Humiliation

Those thoughts, what you’re doing, just isn’t enough. Instead you want me there, and you want the suckee here, to critique you, to tell you how pathetic your attempts are to get that cock to spew. You need me to tell you you’re not a man, that no man would suck cock – unless they’re a faggot! He takes his cock out of your mouth and starts slapping you across the face with that python, until he tires of that game. Then, he just shoves it in your open mouth, grabs you by the ears and starts face fucking you, until you feel that cock swell, and your mouth is filled with his sweet cream!

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