This is an assignment to start 2013 out right! Moreover, this assignment is specifically for you fellas with teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy dicklets. For this assignment you will need a digital camera (your phone or webcam will work just fine), and access to some common household items.

Your Tiny Dicklet Assignment

So, first of all, get totally naked. You can wear your socks and a long-sleeved tee shirt if you are cold, you want to make sure you prevent shrinkage from the cold, because that may skew your results and make your little peeny seem even smaller, which may end up being a fun thing for you humiliation addicts! Which, if that is the case, get completely naked, with not a stitch of clothing at all, and let the little dinky dick turn into a shrinky dink!

Back to the assignment. Look around for things in your house that are the size of your little dick. It could be a double or triple A battery, a crayon, a vienna sausage, a toothpick, a short pencil, a stubby little candle, you name it! Next, what I want you to do is to line up the items you found on either a table, a countertop, or some similar horizontal surface, and then put your little pathetic penis on the horizontal surface you chose and take a picture of it! Then I want you to save the picture. I want you to keep the picture forever and ever on your phone or on whatever you chose to digitally capture the image. I want you to name the picture, “My Pathetic Little Tiny Dicklet.” Now, any time you start thinking that…

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