Mistress Alexis exposes youAs a cuckold, you know that part of the allure is the humiliation your hot wife or a Mistress exposes you to. It makes everything so much hotter and more intense, doesn’t it? So, here are three ways I like to humiliate my cuckolds.

Let You Know Just Why You’re Being Cuckolded

It’s obvious, isn’t it? As obvious as that small penis shriveled up in between your legs. And it’s so humiliating to have it spelled out for you constantly. She tells you how much she likes big, thick cocks. She constantly giggles and sniggers whenever she sees your tiny penis. Oh, and she never has any problem telling you just how much better her lover is at fucking her than you are.

Preparing For Her Date

Of course, she does all of those things as she’s getting ready for her date, but tell me, does she make you help her get ready, or does she just make you watch? Which is more humiliating? You’re helping her with her bath, preparing her clothes, getting her dressed and knowing that this isn’t for you at all – it’s for him.

Servicing Her Bull

Of course, this is probably the ultimate humiliation for you. Knowing that you’re only use to her is to get her Bull ready to plunge that much more superior cock deep into her pussy, to make her moan and scream in ways you can’t. That cock, sliding in and out of your mouth, much like it will be sliding in and out of her pussy soon, ready to spill a huge load of cum – which, in the final humiliation, you’ll lick up and swallow down!

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