How small is your little wenis? It’s probably about the same size as all the other small penises around here. Disappointing…

It Is Small, Isn’t It?

This isn’t a great shock to you is it? You can’t tell me that anyone has ever told you that that small thing hanging between your legs was acceptable? I know that no one’s ever said it was big, but has anyone ever said it’s at least “average”. No, it’s a small penis, and it’s never pleased a woman…ever. How many times have you heard “Is that it?” or “Is it in yet?”

How Do You Please A Woman?

I will admit, you are a very respectful pet. You speak nicely and seem to be reasonably intelligent, but that’s only going to get you so far. We ladies need something more – we need passion and mindblowing sex, and you obviously aren’t able to provide that. Conversation is nice, but I don’t want to talk with you when we’re naked. I need more…and you have less. Oh, you have other skills to please me?

Making Up For Your Shortcomings

Lie on the floor on your back, let’s put those other skills to the test. Look up as I stand over you, a leg on either side of your face. Do you like what you see? Would you like a taste? I’ll squat down so I can ride your face. Oh, my, I think your tongue is actually longer than your cock – might be thicker too! That’s it, get it deep into my pussy, deeper than your cock can get. I guess you do have a pleasing skill, a sexual asset after all!

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