I bet you are just the humiliation slut that I have been looking for.  Do you get turned on by humiliation?  I bet your already getting hard just thinking about it. You crave degradation, don’t you?  You know that you will never MEASURE up to such a perfect woman.

In fact, you know that all women are superior to men.  Aren’t they?  You know that only a loser like you would submit himself to humiliation phone sex!  Well you have come to the right place. Kneel before me and beg for me to point out each and every fault you may have.   Let’s start with that gut I can’t miss.  You surely aren’t the star running back now, are you?  That is just mild humiliation, though. You know that you have started to sag and get older.  You are going to run out of steam soon, aren’t you old man? Maybe we can pump you full of Viagra and hope for the best as you try to prove yourself as my humiliation slave!

I am sure that there is another way you fail to measure up to the needs of your humiliation Mistress.  Is it your manhood?  Do you cum too fast?  What’s the deal?  Awwww, come on, tell me all your embarrassing secrets, sweetie.

You need a humiliatrix that can be very harsh, don’t you?  Perhaps I can send you out on humiliating assignments for me.  On second thought, I bet you would be so busy masturbating that you would take forever to complete them.  Slave humiliation is just another form of entertainment for me, and your job as my slut is to make sure I never get bored.   Erotic humiliation phone sex is a favorite of mine, you know.  You will know what a worthless loser you are at the end of our humiliation phonesex session, and you will want–crave–more of it.  You will develop an insatiable taste for humiliation with your Mistress.

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