You have a secret fantasy: you are a humiliation junkie.

I know this about you. I can tell just from looking at a guy what his secret is. Whether you’re into having your cock controlled or being told just exactly how sad, small and pathetic you are, I know. Just a single glance lays you bare before me, all your fantasies, your dreams, your deepest darkest desires. It’s pretty obvious that you’re a humiliation junkie.

But not to worry! I love all your freaky little secrets, the ones you try to hide and the ones you flaunt. Everything about your twisted little mind is amusing to me. I want to pet and cuddle you and whisper in your ear just exactly how fucked up you really are.

Your need to be humiliated is one of the best things about you.

The fact that you crave it, need it, lust after it and go to ridiculous lengths to meet your need for humiliation endears you to me so freaking much! I love how you put yourself into awkward positions just to get the thrill of embarrassment, how you arrange to be belittled, called names and called out in public. You ‘re a wily little freak, with your needs and your desires and the wrinkles in your psyche…

You poor, sad, pathetic little loser of a freak, trying to get your needs met in the most awkward way possible! Don’t you realize there is a much easier way to get your kink on; endlessly easier and much more gratifying? And you, you fucking weirdo, you don’t even think to take advantage of it.

You can get your humiliation kink filled much more easily than even you could dream of.

All you have to do is come on to a beautiful woman. And then blush. That red spreading up your cheeks, across your neck, so painfully red… Your eyes drop, you pant, you lick your lips… And I eat it all up. Make a pass at me. Not only will I reject your sad small self but I’ll laugh at you while I do it. Did you really think that teeny, tiny thing between your legs was good enough for me? I know what you really want: small penis humiliation.

Did you really, honestly think you had a chance?

Of course not, that’s why you chose me. Because you know I’ll laugh, and I’ll mock, and I’ll put you in your place before you can get the second half of your pitiful pass at me through your lips. There’s no way, you pathetic looser. But I still love you for trying. Feel free to keep trying…

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