Coerced Bi Humiliation Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975Psst.  Hey there little dick loser.  Yes, of course  I am talking to you and you know it.  Time to talk about coerced-bi humiliation. You know that little mushy wad of skin between your legs isn’t really a dick anyway!  It’s really just a little clitty, which is exactly why the only way you can enjoy the company of a woman is if SHE is the one doing the fucking.  How amusing for her to dress you up in stockings, stilettos and a sluttly little outfit and use you as her little bitch.


Coerced Bi Humiliation Slut

Of course, in order to be a true slut, you must prepare yourself for those big dicks she is going to pimp you out to.  And once you have been stretched to the max, you will have leakage that will require you to wear tampons, just like a girl.  To make it easier for for you when the time comes, I have just *the* assignment to help prepare you.


No, no… it’s not another butt plug assignment.  I know you probably wish it was. I know how much you love having your “pussy” filled with a nice big butt plug.  That’s a good thing but this is another assignment to help prepare you for your coerced bi humiliation.  Not only that, but it is also a good humiliation assignment for you sissies out there.

Humiliation Assignment

Put on some panties under your “boy” clothes and go to the nearest drug store- yes, the closer to your house the better. Go in and find a woman clerk and tell her you need her help with something.  Walk to the tampon aisle with her and explain that you have a leakage problem and know you need tampons, but you aren’t sure whether you should get regular or super.  Ask her to explain the difference, thank her profusely for helping solve your little “dilemma”, then purchase the her recommendation.

If somebody different is working the counter, be sure to explain to them how wonderful the sales girl was
by helping you find just the right tampon for your little “problem”.  Then go home, lube up your “pussy”, lube up a tampon, insert it, and change every 4 hours for 5 days.  For 5 days, there should never be a time you are not wearing a tampon.  Then, at the end of your training, you must call and tell me all about it, so I can enjoy a good laugh at your pathetic loser expense.

Butt Plug for Your Pussy

After you finish this 5-day assignment, feel free to put that butt plug back in your pussy for a few hours each day. It should be good and ready to receive it by this point. We all know how important it is for coerced bi humiliation sluts  and sissy sluts to keep their pussies trained and ready for a nice big cock and we’re here to help!

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