Sissies, cuckolds, cum eaters, body worshippers, and so many more fetishes. No matter where you lie on the fetish spectrum, there are many types of humiliation ranging from sensual to hardcore that can be incorporated into your particular kink. Then, there are those whose kink IS humiliation, the more hardcore, the better.

Sensual, Strict Humiliation, or Somewhere in Between

Sensual humiliation is where I will tease you with a soft voice. Erotic giggles. I will say things in a sweet sexy voice that sound nice but when you think about it, are full of implied humiliation. Others like it a bit more blunt. I call it pathetic loser humiliation. Totally laughing at your dumb ass and slaughtering you verbally. Perhaps, you fall somewhere in between the two. Either way, I know you are desperate to entertain Me and hear me laughing at you, whether it is in a soft, sensual way or whether it is an outright belly laugh over how pathetic you are.

Tell me slut, what Humiliation assignments are your favorites? Are you a sissy who likes to go out and do simple shopping assignments? Do you prefer more private tasks such as humiliating yourself at home? Both can be equally arousing and make you fell so stupid for being unable to resist doing what I command.

Do you like performing only for your Mistress on Skype? Trust me when I say it is even more humiliating performing on a two, three, or more Mistress call- especially if you’re on Skype cam. Imagine all the Superior Dominant women controlling you at the same time and laughing our asses off while doing it! Maybe you are the type of whore who will go out in public to do anything and everything I demand of you. If this last one is you, you really take the cake for being loser of all losers!!!

The Downward Spiral of Humiliation

You may have already experienced this, but eventually you find your poor dick no longer can get erect without being humiliated. You will discover that a vanilla woman no longer arouses you, that you crave that sweet sting of humiliation. At this point, it isn’t just fun and games anymore. Humiliation becomes a need. It gets into your head and consumes you. Your brain becomes play dough, ready for me to mold, just the way I want it. You are now mind fucked and there is no turning back

I love knowing you are so desperate for My attention. You know I wouldn’t normally give you and your pathetic small penis the time of day so your only hope of getting me to notice you is to entertain me and make me laugh. The idea of knowing I am superior to you, making you feel weak, powerless, and beneath me is such a turn on for me. The heady feeling of reining over a spineless and vulnerable submissive utterly indescribable. But, then- I imagine you feel the same way knowing you are the pathetic submissive, beneath me, the powerful Goddess.

You desire to amuse Me more than ever before. “Please, what else can I do for you, Goddess?” as you desperately plead and beg for more attention. You are so fucking needy. You have to know I do have a life outside of you so but today is your lucky day. Click the banner at the bottom of the post to get today’s humiliation assignment.
Enjoy this Humiliation Assignment Calendar for January 2020

Craving Even More Humiliation

If you really want to please Me by humiliating yourself, just this one assignment isn’t enough. You’ll need to do an entire month full of embarrassing humiliation assignments. How can you do that? Keep reading.

Humiliation Assignment Calendar

The fabulous Ms. Hunter and I created a Humiliation Assignment Calendar for January 2020, filled with both private humiliation and extreme public humiliation assignments. There is a different assignment each and every day of the month. Some of them will really push your limits and get that loser dick harder than you ever thought possible and others will just be comporting reassurance of your loser status.

I know I’d really love to see pictures or hear a recording as you perform your humiliating duties. I am sure Miss Hunter would, as well. Even better, would be a two Mistress call with us on Skype, showing off to amuse us. Our laughter is sure to bring that loser dick to life! Delight me with a story of one of your favorite humiliation tasks you have done. I would love to tweet or write a short blog on our social site

Well, what are you waiting for? You know you want, NEED, today’s humiliation assignment AND that Humiliation Calendar! Click the banner below and complete the calendar sneak peek assignment and then head on over to the Phone Sex Assignment store and purchase our Humiliation Assignment Calendar HERE!


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