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Secret Humiliation by Holly

Dearest puppet, I have a very important task for you today. It will involved a little bit of self reflection and a lot of courage. You have courage don’t you? If not, consider this a small homage to my splendor.

I want you to find a quiet place. a corner, the tub, anyplace that . . . → Read More: Secret Humiliation by Holly

Disobeying your Mistress Ivy

Have you ever lost a bet? Or worse have you ever disobeyed your mistress?

Just picture disobeying your mistress or losing a bet against her. The repercussions would be fierce.

Especially with someone deliciously deviant such as I. lol I can be quite the conniving little bitch at times. But hey, you deserve it.

. . . → Read More: Disobeying your Mistress Ivy