Secret Humiliation by Holly Dearest puppet, I have a very important task for you today. It will involved
a little bit of self reflection and a lot of courage. You have courage don’t
you? If not, consider this a small homage to my splendor.

I want you to find a quiet place. a corner, the tub, anyplace that you feel
safe. Bring with you some paper and a writing utensil. I want you to
journal. Write out your deepest, darkest fantasy on a single sheet of paper.
Be explicit. If you are a sissy, describe your favorite outfit. If you have
a tiny cock, maybe even draw a picture.

No matter what it is, this exercise will work to humiliate you. A bit of a
mind fuck if you will. but a pleasure none the less.

Consider a fantasy that shames you. Maybe even so much that you can’t share
it with me or any Mistress. Something you only share with yourself as you
stroke yourself to sleep.

And you needn’t censor. You are perfectly safe in this confession. Nobody
will ever know what you write. That is not the point of this exercise. Trust
me and trust yourself. Write it out. Completely.

Once you have written out your secrets, fold up the paper. Place it into an
envelope and stamp it. Here is the humiliation. Address it to yourself. Send
it to a place where you are not free to share your fantasy. At work maybe? A
post office box would work. If you are maybe vacationing, mail it to the
address of where you are staying.

Do you see where I am going with this? As long as you take this exercise
seriously, as long as you are truly honest. this will be an incredible turn

Imagine the feeling of opening that letter and reading it to yourself in the
presence of others. Nobody will see the words, but you will know. You will
know that you are enjoying your fantasy. A tinge of humiliation will sweep over
you as you realize that you are sharing the same air as those around you. A
safe and simple dose of humiliation in a very vanilla world – Scrumptious!


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Secret Humiliation