Have you ever lost a bet? Or worse have you ever disobeyed your mistress?

Just picture disobeying your mistress or losing a bet against her. The
repercussions would be fierce.

Especially with someone deliciously deviant such as I. lol I can be quite
the conniving little bitch at times. But hey, you deserve it.

I would punish you right away. It could be anything from over the knee
spanking to making you play fetch the dildo out in the backyard where
everyone could see.

But, that would be just the beginning.

I would lead you into thinking that all was well, that your debts had been
paid. I would lead you into that false sense of security.

One night, I will invite you over for a party. You will be completely
oblivious to what is really going on. You think you are, no kidding, coming
over for a party. It would be me, and a few girlfriends of mine, and a secret
guest that wouldn’t be revealed until much, much later.

Everything will go perfect during the party. The music, the laughter,
everything. You may start to notice the quiet conversations that your mistress has with her friends. You start to pick up on that deviant smile I have. But, you say absolutely nothing. Do you? It would be rude and
out of place for a slave.

Dessert time! My favorite part! And you must have been extra good this week
doing the assignments assigned to you or something because your mistress has
decorated a special cupcake just for you!

MMM yummy dark chocolate. And you bite into it, noticing the cream filling.
Your eyes open wide, laughter erupts from me and all my friends as you
realize the cream filling is cum filling.

And my secret guest? The tall black man with a huge cock that contributed to
the cum filled cupcakes! LOL

You should see the look on your face right now, and here I took pictures of
him stirring the batter with his cock and filling the cupcakes 😉

You should know better than to bet against your mistress or to disobey. Now
you will forever live with the humiliation of eating the cum filled cupcake.

~*~Empress Ivy~*~





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