Are you curious about whether or not flaccid penis humiliation is a thing? Well, I am happy to inform you that it is very much a thing. I believe such penises deserve to be humiliated with intensity and as often as possible!

There is something about penises that don’t get hard that is so humiliating, especially when you want them to get erect. You try with dedication to get them there, and then they just disappoint every time. It has to be so embarrassing for you.

You Deserve Flaccid Penis Humiliation

A flaccid, limp, pathetic penis like yours deserves humiliation, no doubt about it. Phone humiliation doesn’t even have to involve small penis humiliation. You can have a big dick that will not get hard, and despite the size, it can still be useless.

Of course, many men who have erectile dysfunction problems also have premature ejaculation problems when they do manage to get hard. The two things often go hand-in-hand, so it is fun to humiliate you about your cumming too quickly problem, too! Both of those things are utterly hilarious to me…and worthy of shame for you.

Sexual humiliation is what both situations call for. You need to be laughed at and made fun of for the existence of your limp dick. It’s not good for anything and should be treated as such. You do not deserve an orgasm, either, even if you can get hard. So denial and humiliation are appropriate for you. Who knows, with enough of both, you may learn a little control over your own cock? I mean, probably not, but you might get lucky in that regard with enough flaccid penis humiliation.

Chastity Is What You Really Need

Now, there is a solution to your flaccid penis problem, and that is male chastity. I usually tell men with small penises that I’m locking them away, both for their own good and for the good of any women they may encounter, to keep them from disappointing those ladies. But that is true for those who qualify for flaccid penis humiliation, too. I can lock you up for your own good and to save the women around you from a world of disappointment!

I mean, you already know how this goes when you get naked with a woman. Your brain gets extremely excited, but that does not translate to your cock. You try and try, more and more frantically as time goes on, but it just never happens. You are pitifully soft when you should be hard, and once again, you have disappointed someone else. But what if I told you there was a way to avoid that? Yes, I think chastity is just what you need.

And it should go without saying that if I lock you up, you will be subjected to chastity humiliation, too. There is no reason I shouldn’t laugh at you for being stuck in a chastity device. It’s your own fault that you are there to start with, after all!

So if you’re looking for understanding, you won’t find it here. But if you need flaccid penis humiliation from a true Humiliatrix, all you have to do is step right up. I enjoy humiliating men for any reason, and I’ll jump on any excuse I can to laugh at you. So flaccid penis humiliation is just one of many reasons that I can make fun of you for my personal amusement. I look forward to locking you up and having a laugh at your expense or watching you wank uselessly! This is the best opportunity that you will ever have to hear what I think of wet noodle dicks. Go ahead and stroke, it will do you no good at all if your cock is free!

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