When you’re a humiliation addict, CFNM just makes sense. Clothed Female, Naked Male really does put all your physical imperfections and shortcomings on display, and to add a little light mocking and teasing discussion just enhances things! If you’ve got a thing for being verbally humiliated by powerful and dominant women, then why not add a little nudity to the game and really get kinky? Show your Mistress exactly how far down on your chest that blush extends, and how your cute little prick twitches when she glances at it. If you’re a CFNM humiliation addict already, then you know why you should arrange a session today, but if you’ve never played this sort of game before, keep reading, because I plan to turn you into a simp over a little nude display.

Get naked for me, and show me how eager you are to be humiliated!

Mistress Harper loves a CFNM Humiliation Addict I’m very certain that a true humiliation addict already knows how embarrassing and humiliating it can be to strip nude in front of a woman. That moment when your pants and underthings go down, down, down, and there you are with your pride and joy on display, and you can feel her eyes sweep over you? That little pause as she takes in what you’ve got on display, the little quirk at the corner of her mouth when she suppresses a grin, and then the inevitable eye contact at the end of her perusal. Your poor little dick gives a helpless little twitch, and there you are, in all your glory, blushing red as the summer sky at sunset.

CFNM humiliation addict gets what he deserves.

Imagine for a moment that you have six pack abs, are very fit and trim, and have been blessed with a huge cock. You’d be so proud to show that off, wouldn’t you? To show off all your hard work at the gym, the sacrifices you’ve made in your diet, and the sheer genetic lottery you won to have such a magnificent cock, you’d strip down so fast you’d give yourself rug burn. But what if you’re not an Adonis among men? What if you’ve got a little belly, and some weird hairs, and your nipples are lopsided? What if your dick is less than impressive? For a CFNM humiliation addict, this is peak performance! Show off that “dad bod”, that cute little beer gut! Reveal your pathetic manhood and shriveled up balls, and spread those legs nice and wide! Embrace the suck, and enjoy the sweet burn of humiliation as a woman looks at your offerings and laughs. You deserve to be laughed at, thinking you could ever measure up to the perfection of a real alpha male.

Are you ready to get on camera for your Mistress?

humiliation in public for Harper 800 601 7259Modern technology is so wonderful when it comes to long distance humiliation and CFNM games. All you need is a smartphone or computer, and access to Skype. Sign up for free, and anything with an attached camera means you can show off that blush for your Mistress. If you want to put on the best possible show for your Mistress, make sure that the area you’re using is well lit, with not too much clutter laying around. Check your camera lens and make sure you didn’t accidentally smear lube all over it, too! Drop an email to your Mistress (we all have the same basic schema for emails, it’s our Name@enchantrixempire.com), and make sure she’s ready to be dazzled with your beer belly, tiny prick, and utter humiliation while she laughs and laughs at you.

Well, are you ready to become the CFNM addict I predict you will be?

If you’re ready for your new fetish for humiliating yourself with nudity and the exposure kink, call now! Stop dithering and trying to talk yourself out of it, you know you’re already half hard just at the thought of showing me what sort of pathetic dicklette you have between your thighs. Grasp your last remaining vestiges of manhood, and prepare yourself to be exposed as the weak, vulnerable, and pathetic naked loser you’ve always been. I’m expecting your email now.

Your fully clothed Mistress, Harper

Fetish Mistress Harper 800 356 6169


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