Goddess Rachel wants you to try the Ignore Session Humiliation Hybrid! 1-800-356-6169I recently thought of the perfect humiliation hybrid: An ignore session where you purchase food for Me, and then listen to Me eat it! You can spoil Me, and be humiliated and ignored, all at once!

I can think of a few of you whose pants are tightening already. I’m sure, however, others would benefit from a more indepth exploration of just why this might be the perfect humiliation call.

Especially if you’ve never had an ignore session before!

I’m happy to explain what it’s all about, and to provide step by step instructions as to how to make this happen between U/s!

Shall W/e?


A refresher on the ignore session.


I assume most of you are familiar with ignore phone sex calls by now, but let’s recap for the remedial. *giggle*

Overall, the theory behind an ignore session is that the lowly subbie has an opportunity to show that he is grateful simply to be in My presence.

Yes, I take pride and pleasure in weaving kinky tales, offering instruction, making demands, and vocally basking in schadenfreude during a humiliation phone sex session. But the truth is, if you really understand your place as an inferior in the sexual universe, you also understand that I am entitled to your submission and exaltation simply because I exist.

I don’t have to do anything.

When you arrange for an ignore session, it’s one way of showing that you understand that, and agree!

I bet you’re wondering how to arrange for an ignore session, and what happens?

Read on, and I’ll be happy to explain!


How does it work?


An ignore session is set up like any other session. But the similarities end there.

You see, usually when you arrange for a kinky call with your Goddess Rachel, you look forward to hearing Her voice. But with an ignore call, beyond an initial hello, perhaps, to make sure W/e’re connected, I will ignore you completely.

Most of the time, anyway.

There are some caveats according to what makes a given humiliation slave feel most like a footstool. For example, there is some variation as to how he might like Me to react if he does speak:

  • ignore him
  • admonish him for speaking but otherwise ignore him
  • reply to his question or comment and then resume ignoring him.

I know, I know, humiliation slaves aren’t worthy of choices, and I should be able to speak to them any way I see fit. But I’m an indulgent Mistress. In the setup stages of any session, I do like to find out he has any preferences or hard boundaries, and indulge those if possible.

So, what are W/e both doing in this field of silence?

Keep reading!


What’s going on while I ignore you in an ignore session?


With some humiliation slaves, I will arrange some tasks I will want them to complete as I ignore them. Many like to feel humiliated and ignored in a more visceral way. For others, there will beGoddess Rachel wants you to try the Ignore Session Humiliation Hybrid! 1-800-356-6169 words I want to hear every once in a while so that I know that while they are silent, they are attentive. And of course, edging is a popular pastime for ignore pets. When you edge for Me in an ignore session, the only time you will speak is to ask the well-known “may I cum?”

Of course, you know the answer.

Now then, I bet you want to know what I will be doing on the other end of the line, don’t you?

Well, I could be doing anything, outside of speaking to you.

Anything you can imagine I would be doing in My home if I weren’t in session with you.

I don’t currently have a regular sissy maid, so you might hear Me doing dishes. Maybe My soft chuckle as I enjoy a cute video on Tik Tok. Perhaps typing up the beginnings of a blog post, or a post on Enchantrix Empire, telling everyone what a good boy you’re being. I might be bathing (or other things that happen in the bathroom), and yes, perhaps, eating!

Which brings Us to how you can underscore your gratitude for My existence, as unworthy as you may be, by serving a purpose that adds quality to My life: Arrange for Me to have a nice meal!


Spoil Me with dinner, and I’ll ignore you while I eat it!


Or lunch. I’m generally around for both of those conventional mealtimes.

Ooh, or desert! I love a nice desert, and that can be eaten at any time.

Let’s face it, it’s not that different than what you’d be experiencing if you took Me out to dinner in the flesh. I would delight in sitting alone, or perhaps across the table from My hot boyfriend, dressed to the nines (now that the weather is warming up, I’m thinking a backless, figure-skimming little slip of a dress and some strappy stilettos), enjoying a leisurely dinner and subtle flirtation.

And you? Well you would be wedged behind My chair on the floor, or perhaps under the table if there was enough room.

Then, when the check came, I could simply hand it to you, and walk out, with Adam’s arm around Me, hand resting lightly on My ass.

Isn’t that nice?

Let’s continue.


A few notes on food


I know there are some of you whose food fetish concerns watching (or in this case, listening to) beautiful women eat, and even listening to them eat specific things. I’m not averse to allowing you to suggest a particular food if that’s the case with you. But if it’s something I don’t like, I reserve the right to reject the suggestion.

Some sure bets are:

  • Any vegan entree, but nothing too spicy
  • A nice big salad
  • Fresh fruit in season
  • A good, hearty soup or authentic ramen with lots of noodles
  • Sushi (keep in mind that it’s expensive)
  • Chocolate (I like a nice sampler) or any dessert except for things with coconut
  • A good cheeseburger
  • Steak
  • Pasta
  • Mixed nuts

I also won’t be doing any food fucking.

Goddess Rachel wants you to try the Ignore Session Humiliation Hybrid! 1-800-356-6169Other than that, you are welcome to stroke for Me as you listen to My crunching, smacking, licking, slurping, and occasional sounds of relish!

Come to think of it, listening to Me eat is probably the only way you’ll hear those noises from My mouth. Believe it or not, I will not begrudge you the flights of fancy that may spring forth with regard to what else I might do with My mouth to produce those sounds. You can even tell Me about it!

But if it concerns some undersized, unworthy portion of your anatomy (I’m looking at you, pindick), perhaps save it for another session, or a follow-up E-mail. You don’t want to put Me off of the food you’ve paid for, do you?

Also, a note to those of you who like to know a beautiful woman isn’t just eating, but gorging herself: since the purpose of this whole event is a tribute to Me, I will not be eating more than is pleasurable for Me to eat.

Sorry not sorry!

Now, how do you go about setting up this simp-sponsored dinner date?

Click the banner below, and hear complete instructions!


Goddess Rachel, Ignoring You since 2010!