Over the Knee Spanking is Humiliating!Have you been naughty, little man? Do you need to have your pants pulled down to your ankles in front of everyone, bent over, and spanked until your ass is as red as your face?

What is that? What is that in your hand? Did I just catch you playing with your wee wee again? I thought I told you to keep your hand out of your underpants. I thought I told you to be good! But here you are, playing with yourself and breaking MY rules.

Well, we’ll just have to teach you a lesson, then. Don’t think you are going to get a pass this time. Not only are you going to be punished, but you’re going to be a humiliated submissive too. Tell everyone what you did. Go on, tell them! Now tell them what I told you would happen the next time I caught you being a bad little man.

That’s right, I told you I was going to spank you. You may think you’re too old for a spanking, but right about the time my cane cracks across your ass, you’ll realize that you’re never too old for me to punish you.

Now that you’re bare-assed and humiliated, you’re going to bend over my knee. No, keep your pants around your ankles. I don’t want any squirming. Keep your head down, and be still!

Everyone’s milling around, looking at you. I wish you could see the amusement in their faces. A grown man, being treated like a naughty little tyke. Why don’t you stand up and tell me off? Why don’t you leave?

Because you need my discipline and humiliation, don’t you? You need me in control, and you need my firm hand–even when it costs you your last shred of dignity.

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