The following is a continuation of a story I wrote on my blog: Caught Masturbating with My Stolen Panties!

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My panties have been known to get men into trouble!

When I walked in, he was naked and facing away from me. His right arm was working hard, and I knew I’d caught him masturbating with my panties!

I marched right up behind him, and he was so into what he was doing, he didn’t even notice me standing there. My panties were wrapped around his dick while he rubbed the crotch all over his pathetic cock. He had another pair of stolen panties in his mouth, sucking on the crotch.

I reached out and snatched my panties out of his hands, and he fell back on the floor while his stupid cock spurted cum everywhere. I took out my camera (this was pre-cell phone, lol) and snapped his picture.

I told him he’d better get to cleaning up that cum.

When he reached for a towel, I snatched it away and smacked him right across the dick with it. I ordered him, “Get your face down on the floor and eat your own cum!”

I stood over him and looked down at him as he cried and babbled on and on about how it was an accident and he didn’t mean to play with my panties. I informed him that from now on, he was my bitch. If he didn’t want me to tell my roommate what he did, he’d best do what I told him to do.

I had a plan for that dirty little mouth of his.

My boyfriend was always bitching and moaning because I didn’t want to suck his cock. I didn’t know why on earth he thought I’d be sucking his dick when I could be riding that fucker like there was no tomorrow! He had an outstanding cock, the biggest I’ve ever had, and I wanted him buried balls deep in my coed cunt all the time!

I decided that this little panty muncher would be perfect to suck my man’s cock, and I told him so. From now on, he’d suck cock on command!

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