Women Are Superior, Men Are Inferior, So Obey Your Mistress

Superiority and inferiority are not two sides of the same coin. In fact, they are completely different animals with distinct differences. I am a woman and you are a man…there are distinct differences. You, obviously, as a man and a submissive lack many qualities and are best summed up as inadequate and deficient.

The need to worship and submit to something greater than yourself is well ingrained in your psyche. This is why you are so attracted to beautiful women with dominant personalities. We help complete you and “share” our superiority to make up for your inadequacies and deficiencies. You cannot ignore us or turn away from us any more than a weakened and parched wild animal would ignore and turn away from water.

 A submissive male’s inferiority

I believe it is true that a submissive’s inferiority is not only a reflection of his lack of masculine qualities but is also the very wellspring of his embrace of S&M. The humiliation you seek is perfectly understandable. Whether that be due to a small penis, dressing as a sissy, fluffing, and cuckoldry, as well as dildo worshipping and penetration. You love it and we both know that.

You see, female superiority and male inferiority are as Yin and Yang as biology gets. But don’t ever tell me we are opposites of the same coin…I like to think I am much more than that.

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