Cum On Your Face is DegradingSo today I had a caller ask me why I didn’t like to suck cock and let a guy cum on me. He tried to explain to me that it’s not disrespectful to cum on a woman’s face! Let’s work this out: how would you feel if someone got cum on your face?

Of course, I know better than to let some wanker jizz on MY face. Cumming on anyone’s face is a sign of ownership, of making someone your bitch. Even if this guy actually believed his bullshit about it being about “give and take” when a woman allows a man to do that, on some level he knows what’s really going on.

You Need Cum On Your Face

Which is precisely why I love to humiliate you cum sluts by sending you to get a face full of jizz. Sometimes I make you suck a cock to get it on your face. Sometimes I make you save up your own cum and smear it on your lips and mouth!

Simply put, cum belongs on a humiliation whore’s face, not on a woman’s (and most DEFINITELY not on mine!)

How are we going to get you wet and messy this time? Are you going to play it safe and pull out that little container of frozen sperm you’ve collected after jerking off? The fact that you masturbate enough to have a container of your own cum is humiliating in and of itself. When I make you smear your own spooge on your face and eat your own cum, I can’t help but laugh at you!

Maybe you’re bendy enough to put your legs over your head and cum on yourself. Now that’s quality entertainment!

My favorite way to get cum where it belongs, by far, is to get you on your knees in front of a real man who uses you as his little cum dumpster while you suck cock for Mistress!

So, humiliation whore, how are we going to get cum on YOUR face today?

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