Humiliation Phonesex Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975Have you been to the sex shop yet? You tell me you have when we’re on the phone, but we both know you haven’t really done it. Only certain types of people go into a place like that. For you, it would be so embarrassing. But it would be even more shameful if people knew that being publicly humiliated makes your dick stand up.

Your Public Humiliation Starts Now

When it comes to humiliation, it’s not always the truth that matters. Perception is a powerful thing. And in this case, it’s everything. Keep that in mind as you tackle this assignment. Once you step inside the shop, start exploring. You’re going to head straight to where the dildos are, specifically the area where the strap-ons are kept.

Your Humiliating Sex Shop Task

Now, when the salesgirl approaches to ask if you need help, (and if she doesn’t you can seek her out) tell her you’re doing some shopping for your girlfriend (yeah right!) and you could use some friendly input. Then show her the strap-on harnesses and explain you’d like to buy her a new one but you’re not sure how sizing works.  And that it should also be able to hold the giant dildo you picked out earlier.

The clerk won’t be rude enough to say it, but she will be giggling to herself about what a butt-fucked whore you are, and that you probably spend your weekends calling small penis phone sex lines to boot. Now that you’ve accomplished this task and demonstrated your lust for strap-on humiliation, there’s only one thing left to do. Just listen to the audio below to find out what that something is.


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