You Get to Suck

Oh the things we can do with that mouth of yours, to really bring the oral humiliation home to roost…

Yes, my humiliation slut, I know what an orally fixated slut you are. And a bi-sexual one to boot! You suck cock and eat pussy with equal enthusiasm. That’s what I like about you. That and the fact that you are so good at oral sex. I can whore you out to any of my friends, male, female, tranny, and they always tell me you leave them fully satisfied. Makes me proud to be your Mistress!

Your Humiliation Starts with Some Cock Sucking

I know, you claim you really don’t like sucking cock, but is it really that humiliating? Well, perhaps it is, but I promise you, if you give my big black cock one of the blowjobs you are famous for, I’ll let you lick pussy. There’s only the two of us here, it won’t be too humiliating. And it’s not like it’s a real cock. I just want you to make me believe you’re giving it your all. If you make me believe it, I’ll bury it deep in your throat and pretend I’m cumming!

What is Eat Pussy Humiliation You Ask

What a good job! If that strap-on dildo was really a cock, those balls would have shot a huge load straight into your belly! Well, I did promise you’d get to lick pussy. Let me just get the Fleshlight. What? I never said you’d be licking my pussy! Guess you shouldn’t have assumed, huh? Oh, no, you’re going to lick this fake pussy for me. I’ll bet that’s even more humiliating than sucking cock, isn’t it? Once you get it all nice and wet, I’ll let you fuck it and nut off – then you can finish up by cleaning up your new girlfriend’s creampie!

Oral humiliation takes so many different shapes and forms, and if you’re very lucky, you’ll experience them all!

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