Miss Rachel will make you Her humiliated bulky ballerina! 1-800-356-6169If you tell Me you love to be humiliated, and that you either don’t have any boundaries or like to have them pushed, you’d better mean it! That probably goes double for you “manly-men” out there. You may be submissive, but it can be a real challenge to get you to let go of your masculine self-image, even as you grovel on your knees before Me!

I’ve just recently had to bring that lesson home to a humiliation pet, and it really left him shivering with shame in the most delicious of ways.

How did I break him?

Well, I had him put on a pair of his wife’s slinkiest panties and frilliest bra, and then W/e had ourselves a little pole dancing lesson!

Embrace feminine grace and lose masculine face!

It’s not good enough to just clomp over to the pole (in this case, a load-bearing metal pole in the basement) and do some clumsy, half-assed imitation. Between edges, I had him stretch, gyrate, strut, twerk, arch, and spin over and over until he looked like he was truly selling Me feminized panty-slut. I even made him work on his facial expression until it was pouty and girly extraordinaire!

It was either get it girly or no orgasm!Miss Rachel will make you Her humiliated bulky ballerina! 1-800-356-6169

It took him most of the hour he decided to spend with Me, but by goddess, he got it right in the end! Funny how the prospect of orgasm, or its removal, can motivate a “man” no matter how bulky and cumbersome his frame, to do things he was sure he couldn’t!

He told Me by the end that it had been a long time since he’d cum so hard or felt so humiliated!

Fighting misogyny one pole dance at a time!

Why does coerced feminization strike such a humiliating note in so many men? I think it’s because even in this day and age, the feminine, and any gender expression that veers toward the feminine in those society sees as masculine, is seen as a downgrade. Strange for someone who worships a Mistress to be harboring that kind of mental roadblock!

My pole-dancing humiliation toy may have gotten more than he bargained for, but just what he needed.

And as always, I got just what I wanted–his humiliation and submission to My Femdom will!

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