Humiliated and Denied

Humiliatrix Erika


Hello erotic humiliation pets, what’s more humiliating than being humiliated and denied? Not much, is there? Being humiliated and allowed release, well gives you a reprieve from the bite of the humiliation, right? The humiliation served a purpose, your arousal and orgasm  But add denial, well that’s one way to make sure you remember the humiliation and your place for a long time, isn’t it?  There are lots of fun ways to humiliate and deny you, the question is which one is going to make you whimper! I do rather love a whimpering denied pet.

Sissy Humiliation

You don’t want to be a girl; you have no thoughts about transitioning or living as a female.  You, sissy, come in a wide array of delightful colors and with this particular sissy the humiliation of being feminized is an erotic time bomb, waiting to explode!

Take off those boy things! Put on these panties! LOL oh, that’s precious, but look at all that yucky hair! Oh no! We cannot have that. Handing you a razor, I see you shaking……. Do it, do it now! You want to please me, don’t you pet?

CFNM Humiliation

Wow, talk about a palpable power differential! Presenting yourself for inspection, scrutiny. Me laughing and giggling over your predicament. Your manhood, growing longer and thicker before my eyes, tells me a lot about how exciting this is for you as well. There’s nothing to hide behind, it’s all you, vulnerable and waiting and wanting to please.

I love to watch your butt flex as I have you thrusting into the air, frustrated as it flaps helplessly. Oh no you don’t get to stroke or touch! No this is humiliation stimulation time. What can we do with My cock to keep that slow burn going, spiking from time to time with reminders about who’s in charge?? As your arousal grows, you begin feeling out of control and controlled. Body on fire, My cock screams for attention. Smiling as I gaze at you, humiliated and denied!

Loser Humiliation

Erotic humiliation with a bit of verbal degradation is your thing? Interesting!

Now before our scene, know that my personal point of view is that we are all valuable, in some way shape or form.  Whatever role you’ve carved out for yourself, on this big ball flying through space, it has a value. With that said, let’s go fuck-nuts.

Now, some of you losers are so loser-ish you think you can get me in a session and I’d instantly know how to push those buttons. That’s ok, I’ll train your tiny brain too.  The best  humiliation happens when I know where to focus. So either give me time to discover  what about you sucks, or just tell me. You know. You totally know why you SUCK! LOL

Want my opinion on small cock, or your flabby ass? You’re a gamer? Stroking and gaming your way through life? You can only dream of any kind of attention from a woman like me! I know it, you know it. Some men are built for fucking, others perhaps for solving life’s mysteries. Men like you, are good for one thing: My fucking entertainment.

Go on over to the table over there. Pick one thing to play with.  Go on, take your jiggling twigs and berries over there and Pick One!

Loser Toys

  • 6″ Vibrating Dildo
  • Small, Med, Lg Butt plug set
  • 12×12″ pillow
  • Lube
  • Wooden spoon
  • Apple pie

Don’t forget, regardless of the play you are also…Denied!
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