Naked and Exposed for your MistressLet me guess. You saw a cute little blog post about getting naked for Mistress on cam, and you thought that would be such a fun thing to do!

Before you know it, you’re stripped down, cold, with your little winky naked and exposed. It suddenly occurs to you that I’ve seen quite a lot of penises, and yours just might not measure up. After all, I’m not the sweet little girl next door. I’ve boldly and brazenly stared at naked men and told them exactly what I thought about their so-called cocks.

I’m not trying to make you feel better. On the contrary, I’m here to give you a cold hard case of reality.

Oddly enough, it’s my cold hard stare that makes your little wiener HARD, isn’t it? And good lord–if I laugh one more time you’re going to cum right where you stand!

I tell you to turn around and show me your hiney. I want to check out the merchandise. Bend over and show me your butthole. Yes, that’s right. Show it to me. I know you’ve never been examined so closely by anyone without letters after her name, but there’s a first time for everything.

I want you naked, needy, exposed, and horny, like the CFNM fetish boy you are!

Next time, I say, bring some things to shove up your ass. I’m going to teach you to be violated and penetrated, a horny little buttfucker for me.

I promise you’ll love playing with your ass for me on cam, and that’s actually what fills you with dread. You know that you will like being turned into my little cam puppet. You know you won’t be able to deny me anything I ask. You can only imagine the things I’m going to make you do.

I’m going to make every humiliation fantasy you have come true–whether you’re ready for it or not!

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