Here is your humiliation assignment.

Your humiliation addiction is about to take you to a whole new level of embarrassment. Which thrills me to no end. I demand this from you. I expect you to do as I say and love every moment of the humiliation assignment I set out before you.

Clone your willy.You cannot resist this humiliation assignment from Princess Andi!

First you will need to clone your willy, so in order to do that, I am going to suggest that you go to Adam & Eve and look at the options that they have for you to choose. Once you have cloned your dick. I want you to practice sucking on it.
Oh, come on! You and I both know if you could suck your actual cock you wouldn’t even be reading this right now! Hahahaha! So, this is the next best thing. I want you to give yourself your ultimate blow job on your new cloned dick dildo. Take your time. Sensually tease your dildo, and suck on it the best you can.

Get on cam and suck your penis shaped dildo.

I would love to see you do this on cam. You can show me how your actual dick compares to your cloned dick. Then you can get on your knees and show me how much you love sucking dick! It’s okay if you are embarrassed. The more embarrassed you are, the more please I will be. The best part about doing this is you have a cloned version of your own cock. You can keep it and practice sucking your own dick. Perhaps, you will do other humiliating things with it as well. For example, I wouldn’t mind fucking your ass with your cloned willy! I bet that would be hot!

I look forward to watching you on cam and seeing how well you can give your dick the dream blow job that you have always wanted to experience. This is going to be soooo much fun!

I am going to capture your cock and penetrate your mind.

Princess Andi


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