Small Penis Emergency

I heard you had an emergency! You looked down, and you saw that your penis shrunk! Really? Well, maybe your junk always was small, but for whatever reason, you think it’s shrunk up even more. Here is a 911 protocol you must do to help a small penis in need:

1) Stop fucking immediately. Just put down the small cock and don’t fuck anymore. KEEP IT AWAY FROM WOMEN! You know that you will never be able to please a woman anyway, so it’s best to steer it very clear from having sex with ANY woman.

2) Now that you have safely and securely kept it away from any vagina in a 5 mile radius, you must hide securely and smother it in panties. The reason that your penis is so small is because you are NOT a real man. You were not born to be one. So, the only way to let yourself know that  you are not is to be reminded by smothering your little tiny penis in a pair of satiny, lacy panties!

3) Take pictures of your little penis and send it to us Mistresses for verification that yes, you indeed have a little dick. You MUST be reminded of your demise. You must be reminded that you are not allowed to have sex with women anymore. We are your small penis therapy, and we will keep you in line!

4) If you are married, well, poor woman! We will talk to you about options for cuckold therapy and ways you can keep her satisfied. You must know that she needs a big cock now, right?

5) Put it in chastity! Why do you  need to use it anyway? Just like the panties you are wearing, you need to lock it away in a tight cage and throw away the key.

Remember, we are here for you to help you manage your small penis problem and to help remind you of your place in the world.

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