Hi there, beta bitch! Wanna play a game? It’s called the Humiliating Hanky Game, My adaptation of the bandanna codes of years past that allowed Gay men to identify each other and what kinks they might share. I’ve adapted it for My amusement and at your expense! The only thing I demand is that if you play, you have to report to Me as to how things go! You win if you end up feeling utterly humiliated, but if you lose (meaning you experience nothing but shame), well, you’re used to being a loser anyway, so no big deal, right? The most important thing is that you’ll make Me laugh just at the thought that you played!

You do have some choice as to how you want to play. You can play on beginner, intermediate, or hard mode. There are no extra points for playing on hard mode, and no less for playing on beginner, except perhaps that the volume of My laughter has a better chance of increasing the “harder” you play. But first, let’s take a look at the hanky colors you’ll choose from, and what they mean. You should be able to find most of these on Amazon.com:

Play this humiliation hanky game!

So, wanna know what the modes mean, beta bitch?

What counts as beginner, intermediate, or hard depends on 1.) the venue 2.) the number of hankies you use at one time 3.) the side you wear them on, and 4.) how you respond if you draw attention to yourself.

On beginner mode, you would choose just one hanky. Now personally, I don’t think any of you beta males should top in any circumstance. Plus, in all cases but one, what you end up doing, or being viewed as, or confessing to enjoying, will be less humiliating for you if you choose the left pocket. Doing so, therefore, would place you on beginner mode. You’d also choose a venue where you’d stand much less chance of encountering someone who would both know what your hanky meant, and offer to take you up on it. An example would be a grocery store at noon on a Sunday. Lastly, if someone does recognize what your hanky means, despite the venue, you deny its meaning, and scurry away when confronted, well, that’s an example of beginner mode.bi-curious

On intermediate mode, you have some variables. You might still choose just one hanky, but it will definitely be worn on the right, except in the case of the beige hanky, in which case you will definitely wear it on the left. If you choose two hankies, but wear them in the grocery store, you are still on intermediate mode. But with just one hanky, you choose a venue where there’s a greater chance that someone is likely to recognize what the hanky means. An example of this would be a store that sells sex toys, or an adult bookstore on a weekday or Sunday evening. And on intermediate mode, if confronted you would acknowledge what the hanky stood for, but that you forgot it was there and weren’t currently looking. You may flirt a little, or chat as long as your interlocutor wants to, and then depart.

On hard mode, You will definitely choose at least two hankies, and both will be worn on the right, or you’ll wear one on the right, and the beige one on the left. You’ll go to a venue where at least some people will most definitely know what the hankies mean, and will very likely not only talk to you about it, but may want to take you up on your unstated offer. You will not only talk to them about it, flirtatiously even, but you will make plans to meet up at another time to follow through. If they want to kiss and make out a bit, right there in the venue, well then you’re game! Your only sexual orientation as a beta bitch is Obedience, so don’t whine to Me that you’re “straight”. *giggle* But if a woman happens to be interested, you can accept and still be on hard mode. An example of a hard mode venue would be a gay bar or a BDSM/kink club during prime hours, like Friday or Saturday night after happy hour.

Got it? *giggle*

Now, be sure to listen in below for some cautions, tips, and tricks for being successful at the game, as well as a little pep talk. Laughter is great for My health, so I can’t wait for some of you to call Me with some wellness-increasing stories!


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