You Know I Love Ruining Orgasms

Your loss is my gain… because it pleases me!

I know you love humiliation so of course if we add that to your masturbation session then I think we need to consider adding one of my loves. I’m talking about my love of ruined orgasms! So if you’re just hearing about this check out my my challenge for 2017 on my main blog, it starts with my post: ruin 1,000 orgasms for me and various assignments continue from there at least twice a month. Once you’ve caught up there, you’ll have no doubts about my love of ruining orgasms. It’s about controlling your cock and orgasms, it’s about frustrating you and leaving you constantly horny. And it’s most certainly about humiliating you.

The Humiliation of Losing Control of Your Orgasms

The humiliating part of it is that you’ve lost complete control of the one thing you were able to provide yourself – pleasure. There’s really nothing else you can give yourself without somehow involving others. Now, you given away even that. I get to tease and deny you, and I alone get to determine when, even if, you’ll ever be allowed orgasm, and just how that orgasm will happen. If I decide to deny you, I’ll deny you. Not now though, now I think I’ll ruin you!

Ruined Orgasms Humiliation

Sometimes, I like to add some bondage play into my humiliation ruination. I tie my subby pet up in a very humiliating position. My favorite way is probably to attach his ankle cuffs to ropes that run through pullies behind his head. Then, I hoist those legs up until his cock is pointed right at his mouth. Then, I begin stroking, slowing building him to several edges. Sometimes I do it for hours, until his balls are swollen and blue, and his begging for orgasm has just turned to guttural moans. I stroke him right to the edge, just a few more, then let go, ruining his orgasm! Watching as that cum just drips and dribbles into his mouth. When he’s all done? Well, that dick is still hard.

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