It’s time that My small penis humiliation losers got a little SPH present!

Ms. Simone has a surprise for her SPH losers.


I wrap it up in a box covered with pink duct tape and tell you it’s going to be be your favorite sex toy in the whole world. This is why your present is wrapped in pussy pink. You know you need sex toys because I personally would never screw a dick that tiny. I prefer the adult, super sized size cocks compared to the tiny or fun size. But why would I compare a cock to fast food?

Real men take their time with a woman.

I say all these things to you as you unwrap your present. You are so damn happy to have a humiliation Mistress such as myself giving you such a large present, and ponder what it can be. I’m so excited that I tell you that it’s okay to pull out your micro penis while you are opening the present. You pull it out and I notice how it expands to all 4 inches and dribbles a bit on the pussy pink package. “How unappetizing!” I think to myself, while I laugh at you.

You finally open the box to reveal a life size Simone blow up doll!

Your cock, I think, expands to four and a quarter inches seeing your new toy. “I’ve never seen your cock so under-whelmingly big,” I tell you with a smirk on my face. You can’t seem to remove the smile on your face, even though you realize that you should be completely humiliated. You, after all are a SPH addict and this present only adds to your joyful existence.

You run to the bedroom and lube up your tiny pecker.

You can hardly wait to stick it in all the holes.

I watch and laugh, while you tell your Simone doll how much I truly love your cock.

SAD! So very SAD!

Do YOU need a Simone Blow up doll because you can’t get a real woman?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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