Have You heard Of This Cum Eating Game?

A fun game with a yummy finish…if you’re lucky!

Sometimes it’s fun to turn cum eating into a game.  Well, it’s fun for me.  Most of the time, it’s just humiliating for you.  Well, this game is fun because it’s not just about you eating your cum.  In The Biscuit Game, you’re going to eat a whole bunch of cum from a number of different guys – or one of them is going to be eating yours!  Think of it as a circle jerk cum-eating game.

The Cum Eating Rules

So everyone gets a biscuit.  The game’s from England, so that’s a cookie I guess, although it would be fun with some dinner biscuits, too.  All that jizz would just soak in, so you’d get that tangy taste with every bite!  Anyhow, I get together a bunch of my stroke pets, and they all get a biscuit.  To make it fair, there’s no teasing or edging beforehand.  On my command, they all start stroking.

But, Where’s The Cum Eating?

Patience, cum junkie!  Here’s the deal, everyone jerks off until they cum on their biscuit.  Every one of those sluts who cums is a lucky one, because the stroker who takes the longest has to eat up all those cum soaked biscuits!  I’ve had some fun with this one for sure.  Once, I had everyone cumming on the same biscuit right in the middle of the circle jerk – it was more jizz than biscuit when they were done! Oh, and I’ve also set up one of the players – I teased and edged everyone else except him before he got there, so he was guaranteed to be the cum eater.  Oh the look of distress on his face when all those other guys popped off inside of 30 seconds and he had to think about what was to “cum” while he stroked furiously was priceless! But…would I do that to you?

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