You Love The Small Penis Humiliation That I Provide

Me knowing your cock is tiny excites you… doesn’t it?

Admit it.  You know you love it when I humiliate your pindick.  When I have my hand wrapped around it and I tell you how it’s so small that no woman would ever even feel it inside of her, I can feel it twitch and grow just a bit more.  Too bad that no matter how many times I say it, no matter how many other things I mention to reinforce just what a tiny nub you have, it won’t ever grow enough.

Small Penis Humiliation Really Gets You Off

It twitches, it grows maybe a millimeter with everything I say.  Then, it starts to leak.  When I ask you what happened the last time you were with a woman and dropped your drawers, what did she say when she saw your tiny penis?  And haltingly, almost in a sob, you have to answer, “she asked me if that’s all that there was, Mistress.”  And then what, pet? “She asked me if gets any bigger?”  And it didn’t, did it?  No, you were already as hard as you were going to get, already excited, thinking you were going to score…and then she sent you home.  And those leaking droplets of pre-cum turn into a stream as you tell me all the humiliating details.

Let Me See That Worthless Excuse For A Cock

That’s how it is for all you small penis guys.  You know that your penises are just that – penises – not worthy of being called a cock.  And yet, every one of you craves the humiliation of getting naked for me and showing me just how small and worthless it is.  Any attention, even my humiliating, teasing, laughing attention is what you need.

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