The thrill of ordering a man to eat his cum never fades.

I adore the men who call begging for help to break through their fear and shame. There are just so many ways to lead a wannabe slut to the moment when that gooey, sticky puddle slides past his lips and down his throat. This is the moment when “slut” truly becomes more than just a humiliating term, when it becomes the truth that can no longer be denied.

Just the thought of cum-eating calls is so…delicious.

I bet you’re blushing just thinking about tasting your own cum. Maybe you’ve done it before. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, I know the idea of swallowing your load sounds great until you cum, and then it seems repulsive. I love helping you little cum sluts break through that barrier.

One of my favorite methods is to add your secret sauce to food.

There are so many possibilities. Think about not being allowed to cum for several days. Imagine the amount of man milk that would spew out of the head of your cock, so sticky, so creamy. It would be a perfect substitute for cream in your morning coffee, wouldn’t it?

It’s loaded with protein and contains no cholesterol, and with every sip you will be humiliated, but you will also be satisfied. After all, you are a slut aren’t you? You don’t have to say anything. We both know the answer.

How about something healthy…with some added protein?

Come to think of it, that coffee might dilute the taste of your cum too much. Let me think…I’ve got it! Imagine jerking off over a nice healthy salad…globs of cum clinging to the lettuce, the carrots, the celery, the tomatoes. Each fork full will remind you just how much of a slut you are. Each fork full will cause my laughter to ring in your ears.

But what would really amuse me is if you made dinner for the woman in your life and mixed a load of come in your salad. Imagine the humiliation you would feel eating your cum in front of her. You’d be so afraid she’d find out just what kind of salad dressing you preferred. But I bet that cock of yours would be so hard and trippy. It would be hard all over again when you called to tell me all the details.

Every good boy deserves a yummy dessert.

But maybe you are the salad kind of guy. Maybe a little addition to dessert works better for you. That’s okay, that still leaves plenty of possibilities. You know everyone loves a hot fudge sundae. I like to put my own spin on it. We’ll start with a nice, big scoop of chocolate ice cream, then we’ll just chat.

I know the sound of my voice will get you all hot and bothered. I’ll whisper those things that get you really hard. I’ll get you so excited thinking about eating all that hot cum, you’ll be so ready when you spurt all over the ice cream, watching the sticky, milky spunk roll down the dark brown treat. The heat will start to melt the ice cream just a little bit.The chocolate and your cum will mix. A sinful treat, isn’t it?

I know you’ll hesitate. All you men do that when the moment of truth comes. Don’t worry, I know just how to coax you into meeting your destiny. One spoonful at a time. The chocolate won’t mask the flavor of your new favorite topping. The smooth ice cream won’t hide the texture. You’ll be reluctant at first, but as you continue eating your special treat you will grow excited as you realize you are pleasing me. As you realize you have fulfilled your life’s purpose.

Congratulations you are now a true cum slut.


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