Give me a nice masturbation showSo, what’s your humiliation pleasure? Pick your favorite flavor and I’ll dish it right up!

The meaner I am, the harder and hotter YOU get! What fun! Want me to list your inadequacies? Hear you whimper and sigh as my words wrap around you, making you feel weak and powerless?

Wait, I think I want you kneeling when we do this. There, that’s nice! Kneel for me, and we’ll continue.

Now: Do you think you work hard to please me? All I want is a nice masturbation show. Go on, entertain me. Can you do a good job?

Think again, that was lame! Do it again, faster this time, BETTER this time…

Ugh… Why Do I even try? You think that jacking off is HOT? It’s not, you’re pathetic. Real men don’t jack off like that! What a buffoon.

That’s it, hands off! Oh, don’t cry you little twerp, you haven’t earned your orgasm yet, why should I let you wack it when I haven’t been pleased yet? All I ask is that you turn me on, make me hot by showing off your stroking technique, and you can’t do that!

You are an annoying little pipsqueak with your whimpering and trembling. (rolling eyes) Just go sit in the corner until I cool off, I’m so annoyed I could spank you!

I get asked: Does it show? Can a woman size up a man without meeting his cock in person and presented in the best “light”? Do women really talk about cut and uncut cocks? Do they share their preferences with each other? How about the size of the cocks they’ve had, do they share that with each other? Does it show in your day-to-day life through your attitude, lack of assertiveness, that your cock struggles to outsize a Bic lighter when fully erect? I’ve thought about this and the answer is: probably. I’ve seen guys with tiny dick-lets before. I think I felt one during a make-out session in college, it was a small hard penis, or he had a role of quarters in his pants. Trust me, that was the last make-out session with him! He was on the spectrum of shy I would say. He certainly wasn’t the out-going, party animal, ladies man on campus.

Can a woman size up a man without meeting his pulling pole in person? I never thought so, but when I contemplate the subject I have to say I am on the fence. I imagine some women can, and some can’t. How else have I managed to bed only above average males in that department? All of them are confident men, BTW.

Do women talk dick? Some do, some don’t. Most do, though ha, ha, ha, and yes we were talking about your micro mini dick! Don’t look so sad, you can have a thrilling sex life, here let me introduce you to Mr. Hand. Or Ms. Rubber Pussy;)

Maybe the fact you have a micro-dick turned you into the biggest sissy? Do you humiliate yourself and allow your Mistress to dress you, paint and powder that whore face just to make you beg to suck a big cock? You are so desperate to change your lot in life (weak small dick, people pleaser) and be near a decent sized cock you are willing, no WANTING to be that cock-whore!

So what’s your humiliation pleasure? I have an assorted box of humiliation treats just waiting for you. All you have to do is call and pick your favorite flavor! HA!
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