Serving me is not easy, and even if you think you’re hardcore, I’m going to challenge you to some serious anal penetration play.

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with your boss while your ass was stuffed? That can be a bit. . . distracting. Oh, so you think wearing a butt plug to work is old hat? Well then cut a tiny hole in a pair of pantyhose (to allow you clitty to stick out) and slam a big 8″ dildo up your cunt and grind on it all day.

Oh, and if you’re going to be grinding on a big plastic cock all day, you’re going to need a nice pantyliner in your panties to catch all of the sissy juice dripping out of your clitty!

The last slut I gave this task to had to back up against the wall because his cock began falling out of his ass into his pantyhose while he was standing in his boss’ office! He never did tell me how he made it out of his boss’ office and back down the hall to his own office with a dildo bulge in the back of his pants, but I’m sure it was none too easy!

Imagine how horny he got with his clitty sticking out of his pantyhose, not to mention rubbing his clitty against his desk all day long!

His pantyliner kept him feeling very submissive and girly. It even inspired him to visit a bar at lunchtime and order a Shirley Temple (extra cherries) at lunch!

Do you think you have what it takes to endure your own humiliation assignment from Mistress Piper? Muster up your courage and give me a call. We’ll see about that!

Anal penetration at work for Mistress Piper.

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