Extreme Humiliation – Can You Take ItExtteme humiliation by Mistress Audrey: Can You Handle It

Want a little taste of my extreme humiliation? Not so fast. I’m not convinced you can actually take it.

Let me guess. You’re someone who secretly doesn’t want a woman to please you or to think so highly of you that they might actually be concerned with what you think. Instead you need a Mistress who will tell it to you straight: that you are a pathetic loser who deserves to be treated as the lowest of the low by someone pretty yet so so cruel. You’ll do anything it takes to get my attention, hoping that if you give me enough lavish gifts I might lower myself to notice you or at least insult you.


Even though you might promise to be a good boy and suffer thoroughly for me, I doubt you could take it. Now grovel and tell me that you swear to be good and obedient. You just want to be humiliated so badly, don’t you?

Why don’t you oink oink for me so I know you’re serious? After the oinking ends I often hear, “Please Mistress, just this one play session is all I’m asking for. I want to be fucked over so much!”

Please Mistress, I Can Take It!

My favorite moment is after a submissive tells me that he can take it, and then nervously wants to know if these promises they’ve made to me are only for tonight. Ha, that’s a good one. “Ok whatever!” you say. “Just make me your fucktoy, please!”

Don’t waste my time! You couldn’t take it. You’re too much of a pussy. You swear you can take it and beg some more. If you’d like to know what you have to do for me to torment and tease you, I am available most days and evenings and thoroughly enjoy being a mean Mistress. I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Extreme Humiliation

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