Here are some really fun ways we can play humiliation games on a call.

True Cock Control is Humiliation

How many ways can I humiliate you?

Get some bondage tape, then we’re going to point your cock in the direction I want it to go.  Now that’s true cock control!  Maybe I’ll tape it right to your belly, so all that pre-cum just puddles up in your belly button.  Or maybe I’ll tape it down toward your leg so it drips down your thighs. Just like a sissy who’d gotten all wet from teasing!  Better yet, I can tape so if I do let you cum, it shoots up in the air…and lands on your face!  How humiliating is it to not even have control of where your jizz goes?

Tie A Ribbon On It

That’s right my stroking humiliation slut, why don’t we tie a ribbon around the head of your cock.  Of course, your Humiliation Mistress is going to get to pick the color.  Pink always looks cute, but I think, if I’m in the mood to leave you completely denied, we’ll use black – to symbolize how you’re mourning for all those orgasms you’ll never get to have!  Better yet, how about I have you apply a nice hot pink shade of lipstick to the head of that dick?

Butt Slut Humiliation

Grab your butt plug, lube it up really well, and put it on the floor or a chair, sticking straight up.  Now, squat over it, and without using your hands, sit on it and shove it up your horny hole!  There’s something humiliating about having a butt slut defile himself. And it’s even better if they have to do it like a cowgirl getting fucked!

Paint Your Nails

This one we can’t really do on one call, but I want you to paint your nails – both fingers and toes –  red, pink, a sunny yellow, some kind of girly color.  Not dark blue or black, you’d be able to tell people you’re goth or something!  Now, for every orgasm you give your wife or girlfriend – without getting one of your own – you get to remove the color from one nail.  Yes, having your nails painted is humiliating on it’s own. But what are you going to tell people when they ask why only some of them are painted?

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