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Can You Handle The Heat?

Your secretary had an awfully funny look on her face when she found you bending over to get something out of the bottom drawer in her office.

Let’s hope she didn’t see your panties under the waistband of your pants!

It’s bad enough Mistress made you wear panties, but I also told you to buy the lacy pink ones. You picked out the bikinis, but I told you that briefs would suit you better.

Unfortunately, the lace panty shows when you sit down or bend over. I’m sure I didn’t realize that would happen when I told you which panties to buy!

Personally, I think your secretary’s red face tells you everything you need to know about what she saw. Didn’t you say she wouldn’t look you in the eye the rest of the day? That’s a sure sign she knows you just a little better than she wanted to!

Don’t you hope she isn’t whispering your little secret to the other employees? Wouldn’t that be awful?

You walk in the break room to microwave your lunch and everyone stops talking suddenly and look away–you just know they’re cooking up a plan to see if you really are wearing women’s panties under your pants.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to make you wear those lacy briefs tomorrow. I don’t want them to see the lace peeking out. No, instead, we’ll wear a skimpy lace thong! You’ll just have to make sure you don’t walk around with a chubby all day because you feel so exposed.

If they see you with a hard-on, they’re going to know for sure that not only is their boss a panty boy, but he’s a pervert too!



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