Close your eyes.

Reveal your fantasies for my pleasure.

I am here to listen to your darkest thoughts. Let my voice guide you into my world, a world where you belong to me. In my world, your deepest desires are controlled by my need to make you suffer untold humiliations. Let go of your fear as you retreat to those secret places in your soul and discover that which makes you beg for more.

What sort of debasement do you crave?

Perhaps you wish to be humiliated for having a ridiculously small penis. We both know that the thing hanging between your legs is just a worthless piece of flesh, incapable of ever pleasing a woman like me. Or any woman, for that matter. It’s time that you faced the truth about your “situation”.

Perhaps you want to share some of your most depraved and perverted fantasies so that you can be publicly chastised for being such a disgusting deviant. You may have hidden all of those secrets for fear of how people would react, but you are going to reveal each and everyone of them to me. Maybe you secretly like to eat your own cum. Maybe you secretly like to eat other men’s cum.

Perhaps you crave something more dramatic. How would you like to be dressed and clothed as a pretty plaything just to be displayed at my side for all to see and ridicule. Wouldn’t you love to put on a silly little fashion show for me and my guests. Imagine having a room full of beautiful women staring, laughing, and pointing at you as you sashay across my living room in a pink tutu.

I will use you as a source of amusement.

You will be the comic relief of my day.

I will degrade you and shame you until you quiver like an inferior beast at my feet.

Only then will you find the freedom to fully take pleasure in your most inherent desires

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