You look down at that ridiculous small penis appendage poking up and you realize it’s not good for much. Want to find out what it is good for? Pull down your pants and show me what you’ve got. How many inches are you rocking in your undies? Two? Or are you up to the big three? How impressive is your stumpy dick, for real?

Show me your stumpy dick!

It’s small enough for women to give you that uncomfortable silence when you finally gather your courage enough to pull out your winky to get some pussy. You don’t get a lot of pussy, so you have to jump at every chance to stick your dick in, don’t you?

You fell right into my trap! You thought I’d be sliding my panties down and spreading my legs–instead I’m laughing at your mini pini and the hopeful little look on your face. I’m afraid I won’t be spreading my legs and giving up my sweet hole for your pokey pleasure, but I will be having some fun tonight. From the looks of your tiny little penis, it’s having some fun now too. I’ll bet your little dick can do some tricks. Want to show me some tricks?

Small penises are worthless for fucking, but a small penis humiliation junkie is hella lot of fun for entertainment.

Play with that baby boner, let me teach you a new trick. It’s called a ruined orgasm, and it is so much fun! You stroke, stroke, stroke until you’re right at the point of orgasm, and then you STOP!

Oh a ruined orgasm may not seem like fun for you, and maybe it isn’t all that fun for you after all, but you do like to please me.

Knowing you can please me with your useless penis is worth it. You don’t even care if you’re still frustrated and horny after you “cum!”

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Find your Humiliation Mistress and beg to be put in your place.