Do You Know What A Peg Race Is?

I’m gonna give that ass a real workout!

Oh, I’m sure you’ve seen them in that porn you watch humiliation slut, especially the lesbian sorority initiation ones.  You line up a bunch of dildoes – biggest to smallest – and you start at one end and work your way to the other, fucking yourself as you go along.  The thing is, not only is this going to be humiliating for you, but you’re going to get a great core and lower body work out.  Take out all your dildos and line them up, butt slut, then get them and you all nice and lubed. I’m going to tell you about a peg race I had with one of my ass whores…and you can follow along.

A Humiliation Lap Peg Race

I only did it with two dildoes.  I strapped them to my thighs, and had my strap-on bitch ride one for ten thrusts facing me – so I could pinch his nipples – then ten thrusts facing away from me – so I could smack his ass!  Then I had him switch to the other leg and repeat.  I had the best seat in the house.  Oh, and the butt slut was also caged, so there was no possibility of pleasure for him, just an ass-tastic workout!

It Was Pure Humiliation For Him

As he was bouncing up and down on my cocks, I told him how I was training him to be a peg racer, that I was going to take him out on the circuit.  How at these races, there were 25, maybe even 30 Strap-on Femdommes with their peg racing butt sluts and how we cheered…or jeered…them on as they raced down that line of dildos. Remarking how that one must be quite a faggot, he takes cock so well, or how this one needs his Mistress to use bigger cocks on him, since he’s having trouble getting even the second one inside.  How only the winner gets to cum that night, and all the losers are each taken in turn by every Mistress there.  I told him to go faster, that he really needed to strengthen those core muscles and his legs if he ever expected to last past the first round! 

So go ahead call me up and let’s start your peg race training, slut!

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