Body Worship is essential for tiny dicked men.

Ms Simone Judges YouI love having my body worshiped from head to toe. It’s not about the male when being licked, but, rather, about the female. It is the female that is all important. Think about it, men can cum only once, maybe twice if you have a young stud. But a woman can cum countless times. She can enjoy boundless pleasure for hours.

It’s no wonder that women are Goddesses.

We should be worshiped and adored and pampered with jewels, gifts, and, of course, your tongue. Sticking your tiny cock in something so beautiful is a vile thought. You are way too small to be worthy to touch such a breath taking beauty of a Goddess with such a small thing between your legs. SPH is not just an acronym. It’s a way of life, and an ideology.

A man with a small penis should never pro-create.

A man with less then 8 inches is a man that is unsatisfying in bed. These men can give better service worshiping the body. A man with a tiny dick can serve with his tongue. There is no part of a woman’s body, after all, that does not taste fantastic. Also, knowing that Mr. tiny dick is actually doing something to make a difference should bring a substantial amount of joy to his otherwise substandard life.

Are you a man that needs some small penis humiliation?

I LOVE humiliating men!


Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil…)


Listen to Ms. Simone discuss body worship for the small penis man.

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