You Know I Can Talk Dirty To You

Tell me all those naughty thoughts of yours…

It’s what we Humiliation phone sex Mistresses do!  We talk dirty and kinky to you, and get you all hot and bothered.  We tease your hard cock and your swollen, aching blue balls, and get you right to the edge of orgasm…then stop and start all over again.  But, if there’s one thing that makes cockteasing you so difficult – it’s when you are silent! 

Tell Me All Those Kinky Thoughts Running Through Your Other Head

Isn’t masturbating and being teased by a cocktease somewhat humiliating?  Knowing you have no control over what’s about to happen, no control of your cock or your orgasms?   It is SUCH an important part of masturbation humiliation to make the stroke pet verbalize.  Think of it as confession time, if you will. So when you’re stroking for me, I want you talking out loud about your desires.  It will deepen your dependence and strengthen your submission to me.

What Kinky Things Should You Tell Me

Anything that pops into that dirty little mind!  Tell me the things you want to watch me do with other men.  How you want to watch me sexily strip for them while their cocks are in your mouth.  How you want me to play with myself getting my pussy all wet while you’re fluffing them and getting them ready for me.  Tell me the things you want me to have you do for me – teasing you to edge after edge, denying you an orgasm.  How you want me to spank you…or ram my strap-on up your tight sissy pussy and make you cum like a bitch!  Tell me all those sexy, naughty thoughts you’ve never told anyone else.  Make it hot enough, and I might not leave you ruined or denied…or maybe I will!

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