Everyone knows that it’s absolutely horrible to have a small penis.

Small penis training for the tiny cocked man.

Pull out Mr. Tiny!

That is pretty much a given. If you have a small dick, then you are screwed, so to speak, as far as being with a woman that does not cheat on you. After all, you are not any good in bed. It’s pretty much a fact. Yes, women do marry for other reasons other then just sex. They marry for security at times, and even friendship. Occasionally, a woman will marry out of desperation. But, let’s be honest with ourselves.

An attractive woman is not going to settle unless, of course, she is secure financially.

So, as a man with a small penis, it is essential that you either have a fantastic personality or a great job. It really does help immensely if you have both. The absolute worse thing that you could have as a tiny male would be to have premature ejaculation of your pinprick cock.

Luckily, we can help with your premature ejaculation.

Edging, or jerking off for long periods of time without cumming, is a great way to build endurance in the bedroom. It is absolutely essential that you practice often jerking off without the sensation of orgasm. Even orgasm denial is a great art form for your micro penis. The longer you can go without spilling your semen, the better your tiny little soldier will be in bed. (Given, that is, that you can get someone to have sex with you.) Okay, that was a low blow, I suppose, but coming to terms with your tiny dick is also essential to your growth, so to speak, as a man.

Do you have a tiny dick that needs edging or denial?

We can help!!


Mistress Simone

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